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PC Techs Endpoint Detection and Response

$ 299.99 
/ year

With PC Techs Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) yearly subscription, you can detect and respond to advanced threats. PC Techs EDR is an easy to use cloud based EDR solution that's designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). As many as 77% of advanced threats bypass up-to-date antivirus products. PC Techs EDR enables you to detect and respond to sophisticated attacks. With its built in continuous endpoint monitoring and behavioral analysis MSPs deliver comprehensive endpoint defense. The PC Techs EDR dashboard provides insight into the suspicious behavior that has been detected and stopped on your customers’ endpoints. By communicating this information to them, your value to your client will be kept top-of-mind. **Yearly Subscription**

Nonstop coverage through customized dashboard
Enhanced security across all devices
Customized dashboard
24/7/365 support by PC Techs
Up-to-date Cybersecurity Databases
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